Encountering the Sea

Friday 17th of Augustus 2018

As I undress, the chilly sea-breeze greets my small breasts. They return the greeting, with perky-ness,
my nipples surrounded by goose bumps.

The sun is long gone, but the sea has absorbed nearly all her energy.

The first encounter is with my eyes, the intimidating impetuous theater I see before me is almost frightening, as if it could swallow me up whole.
Almost preventing me from a further encounter,
which soon follows.

First up are my feet, which carry me to the sea, while the wind attacks my legs with thousands of tiny sand-soldiers. After a few meters my untamed friend takes over and carries me on.

SPLASH, in one fluent motion we merge as one, while you hug me like a liquid blanked surrounding all of my body and protecting it from the wind.

Now I am one with the theater and move along with any direction you point me towards. I jump over the waves, just like they jump over me. The sea tastes on my lips, he washes my whole body. I feel so clean, but know this feeling is,                                                            merely temporary.

As the wind wins the battle against the sea, I give up and say goodbye. See you soon, and I know that my salty skin will remind me of this conversation.

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