Friday 17th of Augustus 2018
~ translation

Summer, my eternal search for-
and run from,
her, the sun.

The almighty bulb of nature, tempting and defeating my bright skin, but seducing every time again, with her feather’s touch.

As my tan still hides from winter, I lie myself down on the sand, and surrender to the beach. The sea is restless and speaks a language I don’t comprehend,
but do, understand.

The waterdrops on my skin seem absent in her sight, but transform to ice-cubes with every breeze from the sea, protecting them.
Then, all of a sudden they seem estranged, from all the other drops there, in the sea. As if they scream; “immerse in us, and free yourself from the cold!”.

But I do not give in,
Because I trust my friend, my enemy,

the Sun.

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