White feathered queens of Prague

Surrounded by all the business,
majestic buildings and chaotic people,
shouts, honks, thieves …

They seem unaffected,
as they caress the water surface
like a touch only a feather can make
Sailing on the river effortlessly,
showing me that this kingdom is theirs

Like the guards of Prague castle,
they freely allow everyone entrance,
existing but restraining from interference,
functioning as symbols of prestige,

one, only majestic and powerful entities

grant the luxury for

But do not mistakenly characterize them as vain,
like the horses with carriage; a product manufactured from corrupted intentions.
the swans unexplainable demand my attention,
with their natural charisma,
showing me they know that the kingdom is theirs,
and theirs alone
Ruling in serenity,
as white feathered queens

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